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Which games are supported?

A: On this moment confirmed that emulator of NES Mini can run this mappers:

   0 (NROM) - very simple games like Ice Climber, Pac-Man, etc.
   1 (MMC1) - many good games, this is the second most popular mapper.
   2 (UxROM - UNROM/UOROM) - games like Castlevania, Contra, Duck Tales, etc.
   3 (CNROM) - mostly simple games but with much graphics, like Adventure Island, Friday The 13th, etc.
   4 (MMC3) - most popular mapper, used by huge bunch of great games.
   5 (MMC5) - very complex and most powerful mapper on NES, used only by Castlevania 3 and few japanese games. Is there at least one default game using it? I’m surprised that NES Mini can emulate it.
   7 (AxROM - ANROM/AMROM/etc.) - simple mapper used by games like Battletoads.
   9 (MMC2) - used only by Punch Out!!
   10 (MMC4) - used by few japanese games.
   86 - some Japanese games.
   87 - some Japanese games.
   184 - some... games
   Famicom Disk System images - japanese ROMs with .fds extension, like original Super Mario Bros. 2, Doki Doki Panic, japanese version of Metroid, etc.


Screen Goes Black While Playing Games

From my research, this is usually caused by using a power adapter that isn't OEM and isn't providing enough power to the console. The fix is to use an OEM adapter. If you lost yours, there is a link to purchase a new one from Nintendo below. I haven't been able to locate an OEM one on Amazon or other 3rd party sellers yet.