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Collection of Resources to Facilitate Learnings


Study Sites

  • Linux Academy
    • Discount is available with a student email address --- $80 for 3 months for full access
    • Paid access includes access to lab servers and sandbox servers including RHEL, Ubuntu, and Windows
    • LA Course Paths
  • edX
    • Various courses (not just IT related)
    • Offers free audit option or a paid certificate option
    • Many courses taught by university profs or professionals in the field
    • edX Courses

YouTube Videos









  • Regex Pal




  • GitExplorer
    • Interactive cheatsheet for git via a web interface.

Linux Courses


Linux Academy

  • Learning Paths (Groups of courses)

General Linux

  • LA - LPIC Track
    • The Linux Professional Institute Certifications are one of the most recognized and respected certifications in the industry. Our track will prepare you to take the journey from a Linux System Administrator, to a Linux System Engineer and all the way to a DevOps professional. Through our unique blend of video instruction, real-world scenario Learning Activities, study guides and more, you will get all the experience you need to be successful in your journey.
    • Total Time to Complete: 7 Days, 14:04:45

Linux Sys Admin

  • LA - Linux System Administrator/Engineer - Entry Level
    • Whether you are changing careers entirely or just looking to get into system administration from a different IT discipline, this Learning Path will introduce you to the key Linux concepts needed to break into the field of system administration and prepare you to interview and obtain that position.
    • Total Time to Complete: 12:30:45
  • LA - Linux System Administrator - Mid Level
    • In this learning path, you’ll continue to develop your skills as a Linux systems administrator. You’ll gain deep knowledge of the Linux operating system, many of its key administrative tools, and real-world troubleshooting techniques. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready for a mid-level job as a sysadmin. As an intermediate level systems administrator, you will support Linux systems and networks, and provide input on system design. You will maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot issues related to software as well as the networks they run on. You will work closely with engineers in your organization to ensure that the company’s infrastructure remains stable through all changes, updates, and patches. Your job responsibilities may include troubleshooting complex issues reported from all areas of the organization, communicating with stakeholders on upgrades and system-related projects, and optimizing processes for issue response and escalation. You will also be responsible for maintaining system reliability and improving recovery and backup strategies. To be successful as a mid-level Linux Systems Administrator you should have at least 1-3 years’ experience as a junior systems administrator or in an equivalent technical role.
    • Total Time to Complete: 3 Days, 00:49:17
  • LA - Linux System Administrator/Engineer - Senior Level
    • Having demonstrated your proficiencies in managing systems and troubleshooting complex issues, you may now be looking to step into a senior level role where you are responsible for large and complex infrastructure. Additionally, you may want to be looked at as a subject matter expert in all things Linux and this Learning Path will prepare you to take that next step in your career.
    • Total Time to Complete: 2 Days, 12:07:35

Red Hat Paths

  • LA - Red Hat Certified Engineer: RHCE
    • The Red Hat Systems Engineer learning path is designed to take you from zero Linux knowledge to a qualified and certified Red Hat Linux Systems Engineer.
    • Total Time to Complete: 3 Days, 01:08:44
  • LA - Red Hat Certified Architect: RHCA
    • Earn your Red Hat Certified Architect designation by completing these five courses and then passing each exam. Remember, although you do not need to be an active RHCSA or RHCE to take the exams, you do need to have one or the other in order to receive your RHCA at the end of the process.
    • Total Time to Complete: 3 Days, 07:18:11

Kubernetes Paths

  • LA - Getting Started with Kubernetes
    • Containers and container orchestration are an in-demand skillset in today's IT world. Kubernetes is leading the way for the orchestration and management of containers, regardless of where they live. This learning path will get you started with the key concepts around containers, Docker and Kubernetes and allow you to start putting together what you need to know to work in today's environments.
    • Total Time to Complete: 16:30:03

DevOps Paths

  • LA - Junior DevOps Engineer - Entry Level
    • In this entry level learning path, you’ll develop your skills as a DevOps engineer. You’ll learn a wide variety of skills, starting with the basic principles of DevOps, as well as professional-level Linux server administration. From there, you’ll gain experience with Python, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, and a variety of other DevOps tools. When you’re finish, you’ll be prepared to being applying for your first junior DevOps engineer role. As a junior DevOps engineer, you’ll assist with your organization’s development and deployment processes by helping to automate various stages of the lifecycle from building to monitoring. You’ll work with other engineering teams to help optimize processes through automation, using a wide variety of tools. Your job responsibilities may include creating new automation and monitoring frameworks, providing guidance on development and CI/CD pipeline implementation, and configuring different parts of the organization’s pipelines for maximum efficiency. This is an entry level position, but you should be comfortable working with Linux and have at least a few months’ experience using it. Prior experience in the IT field is recommended, but not required. At minimum, you should have already completed our Linux Essentials course or have equivalent knowledge.
    • Total Time to Complete: 4 Days, 01:46:11